Be a Volunteer

Registration is CLOSED! 

Anyone who is a student or employee of the University of Nebraska–Lincoln can participate in The Big Event. Participants are welcome to sign up with one organization, in one group or as an individual. All groups are to have a group leader. If there is not a group leader registered for your group, one will be assigned by the TBE Recruitment Team. Groups with more than 30 volunteers may be divided up into smaller groups. Individuals will be paired together and group leaders will be assigned.
This years Big Event will take place on Saturday April 6, 2018.
Registration closes on March 8, 2019.

Volunteer Here

Typical Schedule for The Big Event

10:15-10:45 am Group leaders arrive at Campus Rec to collect tools
11:00am-12:30 pm Volunteer Brunch
12:30-3:30 pm Volunteer at Jobsites
3:00-4:00 pm Return tools at Campus Rec

We strive to make your volunteer experience the best it can be! 

  1. We check every job site to ensure that the volunteer activities appear safe. Please inform the Operations Staff immediately if you encounter unsafe conditions. 
  2. We provide food, t-shirts and other benefits for volunteering in order to unite UNL in our effort. However, since these are all generous donations, we are limited in our ability to address individual needs. 
  3. We work hard to find volunteer activities that will improve our community. While not all activities may fit your interest, we take pride in ensuring that each activity is making a positive contribution.