Be a Volunteer

Volunteer Registration Is No Longer Open


1. Click on the "Volunteer" link.
2. Log in or claim your GivePulse account.
3. Click the N150 logo in the top left corner.
4. Scroll down to "Events."
5. Click "The Big Event 2020 - Sign Up!"
6. On the right side, click the green "Register" button.
7. Reserve your volunteer shift.
This year, we are allowing students to select the their own volunteer sites. You can coordinate with your group or organization on which a sites you would like to participate in, and select that shift on this page.
8. (If applicable) Add Attendees.
If you are only signing yourself up, click "Continue". Larger groups can use this function to sign multiple people up at the same time.
9. Complete the questionare and acknowledge the waivers, then click "Finish".
10. Ensure you receive a confirmation email.
11. Congratulations! You have signed up for The Big Event.
Questions can be directed to

Typical Schedule for The Big Event

10:15-10:45 am Group leaders arrive at Campus Rec to collect tools
11:30am-12:45 pm Volunteer Brunch
12:45-4:00 pm Volunteer at Jobsites and then return tools
4:00-7:00 pm Post-Event Celebration @ KD Greenspace (16th & R St.)

We strive to make your volunteer experience the best it can be! 

  1. We check every job site to ensure that the volunteer activities appear safe. Please inform the Operations Staff immediately if you encounter unsafe conditions. 
  2. We provide food, t-shirts and other benefits for volunteering in order to unite UNL in our effort. However, since these are all generous donations, we are limited in our ability to address individual needs. 
  3. We work hard to find volunteer activities that will improve our community. While not all activities may fit your interest, we take pride in ensuring that each activity is making a positive contribution.